Session Extraordinaire 1 - From the 'In Afterburn' sessions

by Cosmonks

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'Hidden Trashures & Sweetish Germs from the In Afterburn sessions', contains 4 previously un-released tracks, recorded during the making of Cosmonks debut album 'In Afterburn' in 1996. Tight groovin' references to some 1990's dirty funky punky stuff.

Morten: Bass, guitar, lead vocals.
Kristian: Guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals.
Thomas: Drums, backing vocals, spoken vocals.


released May 21, 2015

Album liner notes: "These songs are made and played by Cosmonks. They were among the 11 songs picked for the first of two recording sessions, that eventually forged the debut album ‘Cosmonks In Afterburn’. Both sessions were recorded and produced by Steen Boel at Cello Studio, Aalborg DK in the summers of 1996 and 1997 - On to 2” analogue tape. Mastered at Puk Studio by Peter Iversen. This is the first light of day these songs see and they shine a light back to Nearly Died Laughing, the band that became Cosmonks. Heartful thanks to all of you involved!"



all rights reserved


Cosmonks Denmark

Out of Denmark with roots back to 1992 and a passionate love for blistering rock. Throwning in some pop, punk, melodic, surfish and desert elements. Bass, guitar and drums, playful harmonies, some horns and a lot of hammond lately. Morten plays bass and guitar and sings most of the leads. Thomas play drums and sing backing. Kristian plays guitars and sing backing. Kim plays hammond / rhodes ... more

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Track Name: Halo Holiday
I am a glide bomb and I am diving
And it is awesome
The way I’m spending my holiday
I think I’ve got some, something inviting
Please come and have some
Instead of standing in my way

Two stories different, can’t tell the difference
Blood on the pavement
Don’t wanna wait ‘till another day
Stuck in basement. It’s my own basement
And it’s a hot hole
And yet I call this holiday

Awaiting impact. Nomore descending
But still it’s awesome
The way I’m spending my holiday
Soon it is over and I am grateful
But still I got some
And you keep standing in my way
Track Name: Road Moves
Goodmorning sun that shines
I whispered in your ear
I sneak up from behind
And wipe away your tear

You can take me for a ride
A ride into the wave
Swallowed by the tide
Together chained as slaves

Speak the words I long to hear
Touch this soul of mine
Heading for the last frontier
Can you brake me

Goodmorning sun that shines
I whispered in your ear
I sneak up from behind
And wipe away your tear

Speak the words I long to hear
Touch this soul of mine
Heading for the last frontier
Can you brake me
Track Name: Lust For Longboats
Anything lost can be found again
except for time wasted
Everything dies but it all depends
on how it once tasted
Battles and boats picture my dreams
The smell of fear is so real
Inbred but born with a proud ancient gene that won’t remain concealed

Beyond the ability to normalise - Asleep while wide awake - I’m watching the streets with my bloodshot eyes
Ignoring the chances I take
I’m longing for longboats - I’m longing to stray - To journey further on - So sad yet so happy - I must sail away
To search behind the sun

Blazing with glory I smell only red
My corpse has been replaced
Familiar sensation I feast upon dread
My turn to seize the day - Mixing a drink of my own special blend
The fungus turn me on
Revealing the visions I can’t comprehend The tales of a past long gone

This is not a drill
I need someone to kill
I lust for longboats
Dragonheads and sails
I lust for longboats
With a mighty sail that’ll sail me away

To conquer the unknown - To rape to slaughter and to loot - I rape monks and nuns and hound dogs with guns - But still I’m just an inbred viking son of a gun - But I’m trying so hard to hang on to my nun - Mushroom clouds in my head - Fungus in my rum - I’m just trying to be someone

Triumphant days
with my sword and shield
My leatherskull’s steaming
My lungs were made to cry victory

I want to dream again
Track Name: Standard Procedures
Watch the changes in this face
Use it as a mirror
Words are turning visual
They’re becoming clearer
In the corner of my eye it begins again
A whole new world is taking form
Ready to descent

Observe in silence when I act
Open wide and swallow
Watch the mirror face the fact
Behind the mask you’re hollow
You try to change you rearrange
You try to make it work
And in the end you realize
You’re a fucking jerk

In the corner of my eye I see the curtain fall
So this is where I turn to anything at all

Freddie was just a monk. He heard only bells ringing in his head. The funny notes made him flunk. The choir stopped singing. They’re counting blue. Anything comes to those. The Cosmonks in afterburn inhaling Donnys doze. Petting his private parts. Roaring to the gods. Graceland at dinnertime. Grace eternally rotting. Rodgers and Hammerstein still remembering Lily Marlene in rhyme. You are my bloody rose. I long for you. I wanna open you up. I wanna dive into. I’m not straight up. I heal. I heal. I cover up all the bones of you that I steal. You’re my thing. And I wanna be a little tiny thought in your head. I wanna crawl inside of you. And feel what you’ve got. What have you got? Nothing. I don’t see anything there. I see nothing but the whore in your face. And I wanna kill you. I wanna rape you. I want to slaughter your ass. Motherfucker...